Canvas Stretching Sizes – 12*12 inch to 72*72 inch

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Introducing Our Versatile Canvas Stretching Frames: Your Art, Your Size, Your Masterpiece!

Discover the perfect canvas stretching solution with our range of frames, designed to accommodate artworks from 12×12 inches all the way up to an impressive 72×72 inches. As a canvas stretching company dedicated to enhancing your artistic vision, we’re thrilled to present frames that adapt to your creations, no matter the size. Elevate your artwork from every corner of the spectrum and transform it into a captivating masterpiece.

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Key Features: 

  1.  Tailored Fit: Whether your canvas is compact or colossal, our canvas stretching frames ensure a snug and precise fit. With customizable dimensions spanning 12×12 to 72×72 inches, your artwork will be effortlessly elevated on a frame that’s perfectly suited to its dimensions.
  2. Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, our frames are constructed using premium wood that’s both sturdy and sustainable. This foundation provides the stability your artwork deserves, allowing it to shine without any distractions.
  3. Ease of Assembly: Creating a stunning presentation shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why our canvas stretching frames are designed for easy assembly. No need for advanced tools or technical expertise – simply follow our straightforward instructions and showcase your art with confidence.
  4. Aesthetic Versatility: Our frames are adaptable to various artistic styles, ensuring your masterpiece remains the center of attention. From modern galleries to traditional spaces, the clean lines and sophisticated design seamlessly integrate into any environment.
  5. Range of Expressions: Whether you’re a photographer, painter, or mixed-media artist, our frames cater to diverse mediums. Capture the essence of your creativity and let your artwork shine, free from the constraints of size.
  6. Longevity Assured: Preserve the integrity of your art with a canvas stretching frame that’s engineered to withstand the test of time. Prevent sagging, warping, and deterioration – your canvas will remain as captivating as the day you completed it.
  7. Customer-Centric Support: We’re more than a canvas stretching company; we’re your artistic partner. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring your experience is as seamless as the assembly process itself.

Embrace the power of size versatility with our Canvas Stretching Frames – a testament to your artistic ambition and creative vision. From the intimacy of a 12×12 piece to the grandeur of a 72×72 creation, our frames celebrate every inch of your imagination. Elevate your artistry today and showcase your work with the distinction it truly deserves.

Note: Canvas not included.

Note: We use cross bars only in sizes above 24 inch

Canvas Stretching Sizes

12*12 inch, 14*14 inch, 16*16 inch, 18*18 inch, 20*20 inch, 22*22 inch, 24*24 inch, 26*26 inch, 28*28 inch, 30*30 inch, 32*32 inch, 34*34 inch, 36*36 inch, 38*38 inch, 40*40 inch, 42*42 inch, 44*44 inch, 46*46 inch, 48*48 inch, 50*50 inch, 60*60 inch, 72*72 inch


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Canvas StretchingCanvas Stretching Sizes – 12*12 inch to 72*72 inch
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